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Would you believe...site under construction?

I put it off for years...my Web site had been collapsing under its own weight and yet I didn't want to come home and work on the same things that I did all day everyday for a living. So, my old Web site languished, links gradually broke and materials stopped getting added. Maybe this time I can get it right.


  • Music:Yes, I am a musician. No, I am NOT that other guy (Michael McDonald). If you're looking for a guy that used to sing with the Doobie Brothers, then you might as well leave now cause I ain't him. I do get a lot of his fan mail and for a few years actually forwarded the stuff to him but since he never even bothered acknowlding, I don't bother anymore. Any case, if you're looking for good music, click on my music links. If you really want to visit the other guy, click on Michael McDonald's link. 
  • Books: I've written 13 books and several dozen magazine articles. It's been a little while but you can view some of the stuff I wrote on my Books & Articles Page.
  • My Rants:  Like anyone cares what I think!  View my rants.
  • Leave Comments: Think I don't know squat? You aren't the only one.  Leave your comments to any of my rants.
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